Services and Fees

Complimentary Meet and Greet:

*Before any service there is an initial meet and greet that entails meeting your pet, gathering information and collecting 2 keys ( or codes)

Dog Walking:

$24.00 for 25 minutes/ up to 2 dogs

*additional $2.00 for each additional dog depending on size and temperament of dog

$30.00 for extended visits/walks, 45 minutes

*Holidays>There is an additional $8.00 charge per visit 

*Office hours 9am-5pm

*Working hours 8am-5pm 

What you can expect:

  • A walk catered to your dogs individual energy levels
  • Private walks. Only dogs in the same household to be walked together
  • Water bowls emptied and refilled with clean water
  • Waste pickup with provided bags
  • Treats (if applicable)

An update with photos after each visit


$22.00/up to 2 cats

*additional $2.00 for each additional cat

  • enough time to feed, refill water, brush or cuddle time
  • scoop out litter box

*Holidays>there is a $8.00 additional charge per visit

Other pets:

  • price based upon service needed and type of pet
  • horses
  • chickens
  • bunnies
  • birds
  • hampsters/gerbils/ferrets

TRANSPORT: Does your pet need to get to the vet or groomer but you have no time? I will pick up and drive your pet to their appointment and return them home.

OUT OF SUPPLIES?: I can pick up your pets food, treats, litter etc. and delivery to your home.