A few thoughts regarding Dog Parks

You will always hear conflicting stories when it comes to dog parks. Some people love them while others stay away. I believe dog parks can be great fun for you and your dog but they are not without dangers and mishaps of which you should be aware.

Dog Parks

January 28th 2017

First and foremost, make sure your own dog is up to date on all his vaccinations, especially rabies. If he were to bite another dog or person you’ll need to be able to show the vaccine is current. Second, always observe from outside the fenced area first. I myself have seen people who bring their unneutered, aggressive dog into dog parks. They either don’t care, are clueless or think our own dogs will help to train theirs. Many parks will have posted a sign stating male dogs must be neutered. Third, I would avoid the park with new puppies. If you do visit, make sure they have all their puppy shots before entering. There are more germs and dangers lurking here such as Kennel Cough, Leptospirosis (bacteria borne illness), fleas and ticks. Fourth, bring your own water dish to keep your dog from getting dehydrated. Communal water dishes are a breeding ground for bacteria and Giardia (an internal parasite).

Dog Parks-Pet Services

January 28th 2017

If you decide to go, I can personally recommend Creekwood Canine Park in Bradenton Florida. It is located off of State Road 70 near Lowes. It is close enough for the residents of Lakewood Ranch to enjoy too. It’s very big but also has a small area for little or senior dogs. My last visit was on a Friday at noon and I observed six dogs there, ranging from very small to large. I have also brought my dog when no one is there. While he loves to run and explore he does not care for other dogs. So he zips around until another dog shows up and we call it a day.

  • Open dawn to dusk
  • There are waste bags available
  • 7025 44th Avenue East, Bradenton Fl
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